What is Tantric Massage?

Both in an tantric massage parlour and at home, between partners, the tantric massage focuses on certain specific movements, combinations of technique and sensuality, so the person receiving the massage will discover new sensations, even in zones of the body where he or she is least expecting it.

The tantric massage and the art of body massage are inspired by meditation and techniques of sexual expression which are especially associated with Hindu and Oriental philosophies and which , through their intensity and complexity, go far beyond a relaxation massage.

Tantric sex is a term usually used when talking about deep sensations and special emotions, and it is truly something new both for Europeans and for the Western World generally. However, not many people know that Tantra is actually a complex science which, in the religious-philosophical spirit conceived in the East, refers to the exploration of the human being in a holistic way through exploring the individual’s sexuality. It is about attaining an intimate knowledge and understanding of the human body, and about establishing awareness of each human being as an integral part of the universe.

According to Hindu beliefs, human beings can reach the supreme peaks through sexual practices. This automatically implies not only physical proximity (which is accomplished by means of a body massage), but also involves the feelings of the partners. Without love, both physical and spiritual, man cannot transcend the mortal and aspire to divinity. Those who are not experts in such practices, but want to experiment with them and then take them further in their application, can choose, with due care and attention, an erotic massage parlour. Although it may be just a massage, just a means of stimulation and of relaxation, sometimes it can mean much more than just that.

Tantric massage parlours usually employ masseuses, but there exist masseurs for ladies (notwithstanding mainstream opinion, which affirms that it is mostly men, as opposed to women, who are interested in the sexual aspects of life). Obviously, the techniques of
 tantric massage can be mastered at home too, between partners, and that may result in even greater relaxation and harmony for the couple, bringing a degree of freshness and vitality to the relationship irrespective of how long they have been together. Beyond relaxation massage techniques, involving the application of pressure and touch to certain parts of the body, concentrating on the main muscle areas, tantric massage focuses on the attention given by one partner to the other.

Stimulation may start with techniques borrowed from the relaxation massage, but a body massage, as the name suggests, applies to the whole body. Any part of the body can be successfully used to induce and to awaken new senses and sensations, or to increase others. The hands and the upper body are the easiest to use in an tantric massage. The feet are not forgotten either because they are designed to help increase the pressure and elicit certain distinct sensations.

The body massage involves passive-active duality. One of the partners is passive and receives, while the other is active and offers. Tantric principles say that the one offering should do so wholeheartedly, to really get involved, otherwise the sensations and the physical closeness will be interpreted as superficial. Therefore, such exercises are likely to be most beneficial for long-term partners.

For a successful tantric massage to take place, a discreetly lighted, clean room is recommended, in which scented candles and sticks serve as the means of relaxation, accompanied by music in the background. Massage oils, along with powder (which allow the hand to manoeuvre and glide around the body better), can be profitably employed for maximum benefit. One’s everyday problems, such as any level of stress, should be left at the entrance.

Relaxation massage movements precede the tantric or rousing massage movements. It is not a rule, but the passive person will usually sit firstly on their belly, while the one doing the massage can begin either with the back or directly with the soles of the feet, then moving up towards the back and the neck area. After this, the person receiving the massage will turn face up. Being an area with many more erogenous zones, especially for women, now is the time to apply persistent, alternating movements that will make for the most all-round pleasurable experience.

If tantric massage is performed by an person unfamiliar to you, what constitute the erogenous zones are obviously well-known in advance, but when a couple are together it is necessary to communicate all aspects concerning this topic. As a consequence, the level of relaxation and pleasure felt between partners experiencing such a degree of intimacy and shared emotions will be higher.

In general, there are no significant differences between an tantric massage for men and that for women, other than those determined by an individual’s nature and preferences. The massage requires increased attention to every gesture, so there should be no uncomfortable sensations. A body massage can be helpful in resolving problems relating to premature ejaculation or frigidity.

In principle, tantric massage means that men must resist all temptation and this is why a number of recognised sexual dysfunctions may be ameliorated or even cured. For women, enjoying a multitude of sensations which they have never experienced before can help them to rediscover their own bodies and thus acquire a new level of self- confidence. In fact, Tantric principles are predicated on partners enjoying sensations not only for their own sake and for their own gratification, but they also open up new emotional, and maybe even spiritual horizons.

A word of advice: modesty should not be confused with the absence of communication between partners, even during intimate moments.

Do not forget that love has two main dimensions, being both physical and spiritual, and it is these which, in fact, define us as human beings.