Sensual man

Erotic massage is an effective way to draw out and develop a man’s sensual nature. Given with love and awareness, massage can help remove any resistance he may have to revealing his softer, sensual side and encourage him to relax and enjoy it.

Accessing His Sensual Nature

Men are different sensual creatures to woman. They tend to be more practical and possibly less intuitive, being more likely to process what’s going on in the world using the analytical right side of the brain, rather than the more emotional left side. For a man, getting in touch with his sensual side means being willing to make himself vulnerable by letting go of his sense of order and exploring his deeper sensuality more fully. Erotic massage is a powerful tool in helping to release the very potent male sensual energy.

One of the best way to access a man’s deeply sensual nature is through his mind. Men are visual beings, hence their appetite for eye-pleasing stimulating material, such as erotic dancing and provocative lingerie. They also respond to auditory input: listening to erotic literature being road aloud or simply hearing a lover’s voice can put a man in touch with his sensuality. A woman who learn to incorporate these elements into her erotic massage and lovemaking will help her partner to feel totally absorbed in the sensuality of the moment.

The Ultimate Pleasure Zone

A man’s genital area is the centre of his sexuality. Together, you can have a lot of fun exploring his capacity for pleasure in this most erogenous area. From the scrotum (the skin sac that holds the testicles) to the penis (particularly the head) and the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus), the male genital region is a hotbed of highly sensitive nerve endings. The best way to arouse this area is with intimate genital massage that gives him time to surf the waves of growing sexual arousal and reach a delicious plateau where he can remain fully charged over a long period of time.

The more time you can give to gentle stimulation, the greater his sensual pleasure. A long, slow period of arousal causes the testicles to grow and expand and, as the genital area becomes more engorged, the penis also becomes increasingly enlarged.

The perineum, a flat muscle between the testicles and anus, is more prominent in the male body than in the female body and is considered by many to be the foundation of male sexual energy. It is often ignored, but it is an erogenous area that enjoys firm stimulation given with fingers or a curled up fist.

Moving Beyond Ejaculation

Ejaculation is a natural function and a release that men need at intervals. However, many men fall into the habit of ejaculating every time they masturbate or have sex, unaware of their potential to orgasm without ejaculating, which can allow them to retain this energy. The compulsion to ejaculate, which often leads to a feeling of depletion, occurs because sometimes it’s the only way a man knows how to experience pleasure and also because it can be the only outlet through which men can release pent-up energy, stress, and unexpressed anger. As he learns how to expand his sensorial response he can also discover the joys of becoming orgasmic, rather than being driven by the need to ejaculate.

Practising Non-Ejaculation

If you feel the urge to ejaculate, try one of the following methods:

1.Take a deep breath and pull up the muscles in your perineum. As you breath out, visualize your sexual energy rising up through the centre of your body, and up and out at the top. Allow any shaking to happen as this moves the orgasmic energy around your body.

2. Alternatively, press hard into your perineum and squeeze the ridge at the top end of the shaft of your penis, just below the gland. As you breath out, visualize as before.



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