Intimate massage for her

For a woman, who often feels pressure to take care of and please her partner, receiving a genital massage can be a moving and liberating experience. Any stress she may feel around sex is eased by the freedom to focus entirely on her own pleasure, without having to reach orgasm or have intercourse unless she wishes it. Intimate massage makes her feel cherished within and sensually alive throughout her whole body.

Starting slowly

Having made sure that your partner is worm and confortable, keep your hand flat and your fingers together, and drum rhythmically over her pubic area, thighs, and lower belly. This will stimulate and awaken her skin, drawing blood to the surface and generating a delicious, tingling sensation. Rest one hand on your partner’s heart, between her breasts, and place the other on her pubic area. Inhale and exhale together. Make sounds of the exhale to help you release any emotional tension. Gently but firmly vibrate both hands to wake up her sexual energy.


Before beginning the intimate massage let your partner know what you are about to do and ask her for permission to go ahead. This shows the respect and consideration you have for her. Make sure that your fingers and her vaginal opening are well lubricated with a lubricant suitable for intimate massage. Take your time and don’t think that you have to stimulate your partner to orgasm. Let her relax and enjoy the massage for its own sake. The more deeply relaxed she feels, the more able she will be to ride the exquisite waves of pleasure when they come. Take a break every so often to massage and move your strokes down her thighs and upwards to her belly and breasts. This will help move the sexual energy you create all around her body and help her savour the pleasurable sensations.


1. Labia massage

Pour lubricant or oil onto your hands. Slowly run three fingers up over her other labia. Let your middle finger glide between her labia to gently stimulate the clitoris, while the other two fingers glide either side of the labia.

2. Clitoris massage

Tease your partner’s clitoris with a feather-light touch. Massage slowly and sensually with one finger. Use your thumb to press down on the clitoris and then lift it up, repeating this action in a steady rhythm, as if pressing a doorbell.

3. Clock massage

Imagine that the clitoris is a clock face and use one finger to rub in slow circles around the clock, changing ‘hour’ every few seconds. Each ‘hour’ will feel different to your partner; many woman like 2 o’clock the best!

4. Vagina massage

Gently slide one finger inside her vagina, then slowly pull back out, gradually building up speed to a moderate, steady rhythm. After a few minutes, add another finger, so the two fingers are sliding in and out.

5. Changing directions

Using your fingertips or the sides of your fingers, massage in four directions within her vagina, imagining the walls of the vagina as north, south, east and west. You can stretch the walls inside gently, massaging sensitively.

6. G-spot massage

Insert your middle finger to massage the G-spot prostate gland. Hook your finger towards the pubic bone. Rub this area gently in small circles. Alternate between massaging your partner’s G-spot and clitoris.

7. Twisting massage

With one or more fingers, push in and out of your partner’s vagina while at the same time, twisting from your wrist. Make this movement gently at first, then increase the size and strength of the movement gradually.

8. Rocking massage

Remove your fingers and insert your thumb. Curl your palm over her pubic mound so that your fingertips are near her clitoris. With a slow, rocking motion, alternate pressure between your thumb, palm, and fingertips in a steady rhythm.


Although this massage focuses on the vagina, labia and clitoris, remember that the rest of your partner’s body is alive with erotic potential. Each part of the body is connected and arouses the others, meaning that sexual arousal has the potential to be a full-body experience. Take regular breaks from your intimate massage to take your strokes outwards, down her legs, and up onto her belly and beyond. Your partner will feel that her whole body is included in the massage, not just her genitals, and the fantastic feelings generated in the massage will travel all over her.


Ultimate erotic massage by Kavida Rei (Dorling Kindersley Limited 2010)